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She’s a very talented and skilled immigration lawyer who never forgets about the tiniest of details. I'd have been nowhere without Lisa Green. Lisa was the lawyer assigned to me by Colorado Asylum Project*, who also deserves a huge shoutout, as my pro bono asylum attorney. She's also very helpful and communicative. I got asylum thanks to Lisa, her hard work, and the hard work of the entire Lisa Green office, especially Paralegal Megan Berkower."


Even the USCIS case officer said we did a good job hiring Mar as our lawyer. Our case was difficult - we didn't do well on our first interview (not because they doubted our relationship) and got called in for our second interview after waiting for six months. We reached out to Lisa Green's law office, through a recommendation from a student at CU Boulder who had taken Lisa Green classes. Mar Armstrong was assigned to our case. She's patient and calm. She laid out all the facts, the law, her research, and options for us. Walked us through everything multiple times, accompanied us to the second interview. All was done in less than a week. We went to see Mar thinking it was doomed and were prepared to move out of the U.S. Mar was calm, concise, and respectful. Our case was approved in the afternoon of the same day as our second interview. All thanks to Mar and the staff at Lisa Green's office. Needless to say, I will be checking back in with them for my Condition Removal."


I would like to express my deepest appreciation for Tierney Tobin at Lisa Green and Associates for an excellent representation of my case to the immigration. I was at the lowest place in my life due to the denial notice of my husband’s case from the immigration center before I was referred to you. Many thanks to you and all your staff for courtesy and hard work. I am already spreading the news about you to all who wants to be represented in their immigration cases."


With great confidence I recommend Lisa Green. Working with Maris Immigration Law P.C. was a wonderful journey. From day one I have been greeted with compassion, treated with respect, asked the right questions and all has been explained to me with the most accuracy. Lisa provided answers to difficult questions, openly discussed my concerns, and cared for my success. There was never a delay in response or some sort of a miscommunication. All files have been stored in order, no room was left for a confusion or misinterpretation. Lisa approached my case with integrity. I am deeply satisfied with all the services I have received. With great confidence I recommend Lisa Green. Lisa is not only a knowledgeable professional who will steadily guide you through all the traps and pitfalls of the immigration system but more importantly she will treat you with kindness, compassion and respect. Hiring Lisa is a step towards a successful result. Thanks Lisa for all that you have done for me!"


Soon after she sent everything to USCIS, they re-approved my case. Thank you, Susie! When a year ago my wife's case was revoked my friend referred me to Susie Tehlirian at Lisa Green’s office. I hired her as my lawyer and she organized all my wife's documents and attached everything that was needed."


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